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Course Name: Introduction to Python and Hacking with Python


Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:00:00
Installing Python For Windows 00:00:00
Install PyCharm ( Python IDE ) on Windows 7 and onwards 00:00:00
Make Kali Linux Bootable 00:00:00
Set up Kali Linux in Vmware 00:00:00
Installing Python on Kali Linux 00:00:00
First Python Program 00:00:00
How to embed Python code in C program 00:00:00
Basics of Python
Global and Local Variables 00:00:00
Data Types and type conversion 00:00:00
Identifiers 00:00:00
Python Operators 00:00:00
Date and Time 00:00:00
Pandas Basics 00:00:00
Tuple 00:00:00
Tuple Methods and Operations 00:00:00
Python Directory and Files Management 00:00:00
Lists 00:00:00
Python Exceptions
Catching Specific Exceptions in Python Raising Exceptions and finally statements 00:00:00
Exceptions and Catching Exceptions in Python 00:00:00
Python Errors and Built-in Exceptions 00:00:00
Python Custom Exceptions 00:00:00
Multi Level Inheritance 00:00:00
Python Multiple Inheritance 00:00:00
Loops and Decision Making
Loop Control Statements 00:00:00
Python Decision Making 00:00:00
Class and Object
Python Class 00:00:00
Creating an Object in Python 00:00:00
Constructors in Python 00:00:00
Method Overridding and Method Overloading 00:00:00
Python Modules 00:00:00
Python Information Gathering
FTP Banner Grabber python 00:00:00
Network Scanning with python
Socket port scanning 00:00:00
Nmap Integration 00:00:00
Password Hacking with python
Generate Random Passwords 00:00:00
Wifi Password Recovery 00:00:00
Wordlist Generator 00:00:00
Qr Code Generator Python Script 00:00:00
Brute-force ZIP File Password cracker 00:00:00
FTP Bruteforce 00:00:00
Encoding and Decoding with Python
Encoding and Decoding Base64 using python script 00:00:00
Encoding and Decoding Base64 using python script 00:00:00
Encryption of text using Transposition 00:00:00
Python Web Hacking
Web Hacking Basic python 00:00:00
Web HomePage Cloning 00:00:00
Scrapy in python 00:00:00
SQL Injection Using python
SQL injection basic 00:00:00
SQL Injection Bypass 00:00:00
SQL Injection Scanner 00:00:00
Python DOS attack
Dos Attack Overview 00:00:00
UDP Flooding script DOS Attack 00:00:00
Socket DOS Attack 00:00:00
Anonymous Python Hacking
Anonymouse Mail Sending By python 00:00:00
FTP Anonymous 00:00:00
Data Sniffing / Spoofing using python
Packet Sniffing in Windows and Linux Using Python 00:00:00
Generate Random MAC Address for spoofing 00:00:00
IP address Spoofing 00:00:00
Extracting MAC address using Python 00:00:00
TCP Client 00:00:00
Wireless Hacking and Pentesting
Introduction to python-wifi 0.6.1 00:00:00
Setup Monitor mode 00:00:00
Search Nearest WiFi AP using python your own script 00:00:00
Python Exploitation
Python Creating backdoor using msfvenom 00:00:00
Multi Handler Listener with Metasploit 00:00:00
Python Miscellaneous Hacking
Convert any python file to executable file 00:00:00
How to Send an Email With Python 00:00:00
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