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Course Name: How to Hack WiFi Networks for Beginners


Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Course Introduction 00:00:00
Introduction to Wireless Networks 00:00:00
Important Settings to Change on Your Router 00:00:00
How to Install Kali Linux in VMware Player 00:00:00
Useful Linux Commands 00:00:00
Section 2: Advanced
Packet injection and monitor mode 00:00:00
How to find Hidden Wireless Networks 00:00:00
How to Spoof your Mac Address 00:00:00
How to use Wireshark 00:00:00
How to perform a Denial of Service Attack 00:00:00
How to Hack WiFi Networks with WEP encryption 00:00:00
How to Hack WiFi Networks with WPA/WPA2 encryption 00:00:00
How to Create your own Wordlist using Crunch 00:00:00
Speeding up WPA2 Cracking 00:00:00
How to Hack WiFi Networks using Pyrit 00:00:00
How to hack WiFi Networks with Reaver 00:00:00
How to Create an Evil Twin Access Point 00:00:00
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